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SOLPROCEL in national Newspaper "Montpellier Unlimited" : SPECIFIC POLYMERS INTÈGRE LE PROJECT CO...

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Project Meeting 20 January 201

Project meeting in ras installations in Regensburg, Germany 20th January 2015.  The presentations...

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"SOLPROCEL Website officially launched"

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COMSA EMTE is the second-largest Spanish unlisted group in the infrastructures, services, engineering and systems sector. The group has a presence in 25 countries (France, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland, among others), a turn-over of 1.575 M€ and employs more than 8,500 people. COMSA EMTE has extensive experience in systems integration for building construction and infrastructures: public address systems, intercoms, telephony, CCTV, data transmission, HVAC, RHC, renewable energy, power generation and technical control of electromechanical installations. COMSA EMTE has participated in numerous projects involving system installations in buildings, management, technical and energy audits, energy-efficiency and RHC and renewable energy integration in buildings, among others. COMSA EMTE has experience in energy saving projects and has introduced into the market over 34 MW of photovoltaic electric production from which 17 MW are integrated into building’s elements. Some of these projects involve some major and emblematic local projects, such as the Port of Tarragona, the City of Justice in Barcelona, the offices of the Agbar Tower in Barcelona, the Hotel W in Barcelona, the Pompeu Fabra Library in Mataró, Imagina Visual Centre Esplugues, among others. COMSA EMTE through its subsidiaries have actively participated in different European R+D programmes (7FP INNOTRACK, 7FP URBANTRACK) as in national R+D programmes.


COMSA EMTE, as an end-user analyser, will be in charge of conducting a benchmarking of the technologies developed during the project so that they can be tested and accepted.

In addition, COMSA EMTE will be in charge targeting a product price range of the OPV semi-transparent cells and a Life Cylce Analysis. This company will also be in charge of proposing new standardization procedures to ensure adequate product exploitation.

During the execution of the project, COMSA EMTE will assist ICFO in the coordination and dissemination of the project results to the interested sector.


Dr. Albert Cot, head of the R&D corporate department for Energy and Systems in the COMSA EMTE industrial group.

Maria Mercedes Polo Carbayo coordinates the energy R&D division of COMSA EMTE including the BIPV specialized company (TFM), the renewable energy area (COMSA EMTE Energías Renovables) and the environmental area (COMSA EMTE Medio Ambiente).


over 1.500 M€