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SOLPROCEL in national Newspaper "Montpellier Unlimited" : SPECIFIC POLYMERS INTÈGRE LE PROJECT CO...

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Project Meeting 20 January 201

Project meeting in ras installations in Regensburg, Germany 20th January 2015.  The presentations...

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"SOLPROCEL Website officially launched"

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NANOGRADE AG, Switzerland

Nanograde Ltd. was founded in 2008 as a spin-off company from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).

Nanograde currently has 4 employees and is a leader in the tailor-made development of specialty nano-particles and inorganic inks for printed electronics.

With its unique and versatile technology, Nanograde is able to custom develop coating formulations yielding novel materials with unique electronic properties.

Nanograde's knowhow enables very short development cycles thus efficient and focused materials development.

Nanograde has developed the first surfactant-free inorganic buffer layer ink enabling solution processing of inorganic WOx layers in OPV and OLED devices as hole transport layer. A novelty of the WOx ink is its compatibility with polymeric substrates and a curing temperature as low as 80°C. Based on the printable inorganic ink, adaptations and optimization of the physical properties (e.g. conductivity) can be made in a straight-forward way.

Nanograde Ltd. is part of the Organic and Printed electronics association (OE-A) and has applied for several materials patents for the application in organic photovoltaics.

Amongst Nanograde’s partners and customers are renowned companies like BASF, Philips, Bosch, Samsung or Michelin.

Nanograde will lead WP3 which aims at the development of new nano-particle based buffer layer inks enabling fully solution processed OPV devices with high performance and enhanced life-time.

In WP3 Nanograde is also responsible for the development of inks for the solution fabrication of the light-harvesting photonic structures. 

Nanograde will develop inks for the deposition of nano-particle composite layers with a high refractive index.

Nanograde will be able to adapt materials optimizing the specific interactions of the different layers. 

Dr. Norman Luechinger (NL) is co-founder and CTO of Nanograde Ltd.

Dr. Samuel Halim (SH) is co-founder and CEO of Nanograde Ltd.