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SOLPROCEL in national Newspaper "Montpellier Unlimited" : SPECIFIC POLYMERS INTÈGRE LE PROJECT CO...

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Project Meeting 20 January 201

Project meeting in ras installations in Regensburg, Germany 20th January 2015.  The presentations...

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"SOLPROCEL Website officially launched"

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Rent a scientist (ras) was founded in 1995 as company providing R & D services with a focus on natural science and material science in Regensburg, Germany.

In 2000, ras was transferred into a GmbH. In the meantime, ras has been supporting their clients in particular within the scope of product innovations.

The professional and scientific expertise of ras is not only in demand from middle and small enterprises but, ras`s R&D services are also in demand from large companies such as Siemens, BMW, Audi and W.L. Gore. Several of the product innovations that have been developed with ras have won renowned prices. For instance, ras is laureate of several innovation prices (Bavarian innovation price, hessian innovation price, energy globe award). At regular intervals these innovative results and technologies are presented at various fairs.

Beyond the extension of R&D services ras started already in 2003 to develop a product business.

The first product manufactured by ras was spherical nanosilver, which is now available under the product name AgPURE™. First, nanosilver was produced in a kg scale, used as pre-product to develop antimicrobial materials and products, which are merchandised by partner firms. During these product developments ras gained know-how for implementing nanosilver in products, methods for analytics of nano sized silver, as well as the determination of the antimicrobial activity and the functionalization of raw materials (lacquers, polymers, recipes).

In 2010 the firm ras materials was founded to produce and merchandise nanosilver as affiliated company of ras. In the meanwhile ras has extended its production capacities to 20 tons AgPURE W10 per year. ras has developed high-end nanomaterials which set standards worldwide. Consequently, silver nanomaterials from ras (spherical particles and silver nanowires) have been chosen as international reference material of the OECD. Noteworthy ras is one of three companies worldwide and to the best of our knowledge the only company in Europe that holds a granted patent concerning the synthesis of silver nanowires in solution (DE102010017706B4).


Ras holds expert knowledge concerning the synthesis of silver nanowires in liquid phase, their purification, stabilization and integration into formulations.

The two key parameters of silver nanowires are their mean length and diameter.

In WP3 in SOLPROCEL, ras will be responsible for the synthesis of silver nanostructures with different morphologies, their purification and the development of coating formulations (water-based, non-aqueous) and conductive inks.

Ras will supply to the consortium the as-synthesized silver nanomaterials. After the partners in WP3 have evaluated the (for the semi-transparent OPV application) most suitable length and diameter, ras will be further responsible for a scale-up of the synthesis and the appropriate formulations into a pilot plant scale.

Dr. Georg Maier is co-founder and CEO of the company RENT-A-SCIENTIST GMBH.

As head of business development, Dr. Oliver Zech is currently responsible for the material technology silver nanowires at RENT-A-SCIENTIST GMBH.