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SOLPROCEL in national Newspaper "Montpellier Unlimited" : SPECIFIC POLYMERS INTÈGRE LE PROJECT CO...

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Project Meeting 20 January 201

Project meeting in ras installations in Regensburg, Germany 20th January 2015.  The presentations...

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"SOLPROCEL Website officially launched"

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SPECIFIC POLYMERS (SP) is a private company created in 2003 with a turnover of 450 K€ (2012) with 7 employees. The company is located in Montpellier (France). SP is currently working in three main fields:

•    Engineering in polymers: settling, developing and patenting polymer additives for several applications (aeronautics, automotive (tyres, coatings, gaskets), biomaterials, cosmetics, energy (fuel cell, lithium battery, photovoltaics), environment (water treatment, gas recovery), pharmaceutics, etc.
•    R&D collaboration, including the achievement of development studies on polymers and macromolecular materials on behalf of high-tech industrial actors
•    Production of innovative components (more than 400 chemicals sold to 200 customers in 20 countries) designed by/from SP, carrying out the scale-up and industrial development (a subcontractor /subcontracting partner takes care of the manufacturing on behalf of SP)

SP is thus working in niche markets whose access is protected by the trustful relationship.

SP can build with the R&D teams of several major industrial actors and shows a propensity for growth.


SP will bring its expertise in the up-scaling of polymer synthesis from research or university laboratories to an industrial production.

SP will lead task 2.2 in WP2 which is guided to set an industrial production of the active terpolymers developed by FhG-IAP in task 2.1.

SP will also participate in WP3 in the fabrication of solution process photonic crystals.

At the end of the project, SP plans to set up a pilot test in order to provide the consortium with sufficient quantities of polymers for testing, first as pilot testing and then, industrial testing.

Cédric LOUBAT PhD, Manager and company founder, with about 15 years of polymer synthesis experience has been leading SP since 2003.

As part of SOLPROCEL consortium, SPECIFIC POLYMERS is in charge of the development and the up-scaling of polymeric materials used for both optical and active layers of innovative organic photovoltaic cells.